Lumps Aside: Other Warning Signs

ABC - Advocates For Breast Cancer: South Africa

warning signs of breast cancer

Over the past few days, we have told you how to check for changes in your breasts by doing regular breast self-examinations, but the problem is that breast lumps aren’t always detectable by feeling them by hand until they are at least 10 – 15mm in size. And, as we know, not all breast cancer presents as a lump.

So what else can you do to catch breast cancer as early as possible?

Here are some warning signs that will definitely help guide you:

  1. Pain in the breast or chest:
    Pay attention if you regularly experience an ache, throb, twinge or sharp stabbing pain. You’ll need to make sure that this is a new symptom, and not something that you experience as a normal part of your monthly cycle or PMS, but always get medical advice if you are not sure.
  2. Itchy breasts:
    This symptom, often associated with inflammatory…

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